Maker of Lysol and Air Wick Manages More Reviews with No Increase in Staff

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In the midst of a global pandemic, customer engagement is more important than ever, a point driven home by Reckitt CEO Laxman Narasimhan.

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Better manage large review dataset which was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, while not taking on any new staff.
Implement reviews, UGC, & loyalty on and offsite to give passionate fans a voice & inspire potential buyers
Diminished backlog of reviews awaiting response, shortened response times and ability to handle more reviews.


With dozens of leading consumer brands under its belt, Reckitt is set on making a difference in the world. Its products protect, heal and nurture families to live cleaner and healthier lives. With this type of weight on their shoulders, you'd better believe Reckitt takes the Voice of the Consumer seriously.

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I don't think we can ever go back to a time where it isn't all in one place. It was hard to find a tool that would reply to all 3 of the channels we wanted all from one dashboard. It was just what we needed. 

Miral Abbas

Global Business Analyst
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With their products and new innovations gaining popularity online, the need for a seamless and systematic review management process came racing to the forefront. They needed an advanced system that could handle reviews and customer engagement on a global scale. They knew that without such a system, their brand reputation would be in jeopardy.

For a company their size, responding to all questions, comments, and concerns is a vital part in maintaining a strong reputation. It was of utmost importance for the parent company and associated brands. Yet, agents were manually logging into multiple platforms and only had the capacity to monitor 5 or 10 products at a time.


Reputation Studio is the only review management system that is native to the Salesforce Platform, allowing agents to work out of one platform. Reputation Studio pulls reviews from Amazon, BazaarVoice, Yelp and Google.

With AI based automation, Reputation Studio creates a Service Cloud Case and routes it to the appropriate agent. Agents can then prioritize reviews and be able to respond directly from the Salesforce Dashboard and avoid logging into various platforms for various responses. Agents can then focus on responding with high-quality feedback and responses are then posted to the platform directly.

In addition to all the reviews and responses being in one place, companies can then track response time and provide a seamless and efficient process to ensure their customers feedback is getting the attention and quality it deserves. With new products constantly launching it was important for this Fortune 50 Global CPG brand to find a solution that could keep up their review management and while providing an easier tool for agents to effectively work.


By adding Reputation Studio, the Reckitt team was finally able to meet their 24-hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) goal globally across Amazon, Google Play and iTunes for their products and apps. With the help of data tagging, they gained key insights into what was being said about their products and were able to easily route those insights to their internal teams responsible for that aspect of the product.

By interacting with their consumers in real-time, customer satisfaction ratings improved as well as overall ratings and reviews for all products and services. By having the review navigation all in one place, it saved time and manual effort for Reckitt agents and eased their day-to-day work. This saved agents crucial minutes to reach out to as many customer comments and concerns while also providing an easier training process for newer agents. 

We noticed that when our agents would respond promptly to a negative 1 or 2-star review, a lot of those customers would go back and update that same review with either 4 or 5 stars.

Miral Abbas

Global Business Analyst

Win the Moments that Matter.

Win the Moments that Matter.