Top Customer Review Channels from Around the World 🌎


Have you ever wondered why people pay so much attention to comment sections on social media and other online platforms? No matter how inconsequential it might seem, people are hugely influenced by the opinions of others. Modern consumers express their opinions online, and people listen. 

Reviews are way more important than you might think. According to a survey we conducted on User Generated Content (UGC) recently, 74% of consumers indicated that reviews are an important factor when they want to make purchase decisions.

Companies understand the impact of reviews on their products and services. They know that customers place a lot of value on reviews. Therefore, they are making conscious efforts to collect and display reviews on their websites. But reviews go far beyond a brand’s owned dot com. There are hundreds of review channels out there influencing consumers one way or other about your brand and products. 

That’s right, reviews have been solidly proven to impact conversion rates. A recent analysis from PowerReviews showed a 76.7% increase in the rate of conversion by exposing customers to just one review, compared to none. Imagine the effect that tens and hundreds of reviews can have. Reviews mean more web traffic and an increase in the on-page time of your site. 

In a bid to provide better information to customers around the globe, more review channels are coming up. Trustpilot, Amazon, and TripAdvisor are very famous all around the world for their reliable review insights for companies, products, and other consumer services. 

Most Popular Customer Review Channels Around the World

Consumers use User Generated Content (UGC) in the form of reviews and questions to get relevant context when making a purchasing decision. If your company sells in a country outside of the United States, it’s important to know where these opinions about you are being published. To help make your job easier, we’re providing this handy list of the top review channels outside of the U.S.:

Be sure to check out these sites for your brand and products to see if there are opinions you should be monitoring. If your reviews span many sites, join the hundreds of companies who are using Reputation Studio to monitor reviews from multiple sites – even global ones – in one place. Watch the demo video and request a custom walkthrough at