Any Channel. Any Device. Anywhere.

Messaging Studio by 1440

Any Channel. Any Device. Anywhere.

Messaging Studio by 1440

A Powerful New Way to Support Customers: With Conversation AI

Modern customers engage with companies through a variety of channels. Are you equipping your employees with the optimal tools to effectively handle these diverse communication channels? Discover Messaging Studio by 1440 – a comprehensive solution that seamlessly consolidates digital interactions within Salesforce for both desktop and mobile users.

Messaging Studio by 1440 - Any Channel or Device

A Powerful New Way to Support Customers: With Conversations

Messaging Studio: Any Channel. Any Device. Anywhere.

Today's connected customers engage with companies on different channels depending on context. Are you offering your employees the best tools to manage all of these messages on any device? With Messaging Studio by 1440, businesses can unify digital engagements in Salesforce for desktop or mobile employees.

The Building Blocks for Effective Customer Engagement

Start with the Salesforce foundation and layer on what you need to close the omni-channel messaging gap with Messaging Studio. Extend existing Salesforce digital engagement with new channel support and features so you have one place to create and manage conversations across popular channels.

Omni-Channel Messaging_AnyChannelAnyDevice

Connected Messaging Across Devices

No matter where your employees are, and what device they are using, Messaging Studio lets them manage the same conversations and channels with all of the Salesforce features you know and love. Reduce call center costs and empower agents with relationship-building tools that boost revenue and lifetime value.

Desktop Messaging for Salesforce

Contact Centers

Mobile Device Messaging Salesforce

Mobile Employees

Field Service Technician Messaging for Salesforce

Field Service Technicians

SMS and WhatsApp for Mobile Employees

Enable seamless employee-customer communication on popular messaging channels, whether from personal or company devices. Our integration with Salesforce Omni Routing & Digital Engagement lets mobile workers use SMS and WhatsApp while securely logging conversations in Salesforce. This ensures a reliable, consolidated customer engagement record, providing a clear source of truth for all interactions.

SMS and WhatsApp for Mobile Employees

Faster Customer Engagement

Productivity tools to automate and bring efficiencies to every customer interaction.

AI Recommended Response Quick Text Productivity

Build Personalized Relationships

Deepen your connection to prospects with custom actions based on information at your fingertips

Build Personalized Relationships through Conversations

Implement Intelligent Support

Create a more pleasant and connected experience for employees with tools to make their jobs easier.

Intelligent Customer Support Features
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