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1440 has partnerships and integrations with the leading platforms and apps to maximize your team's efficiency and minimize the time it takes to attract and delight customers.



Since 2005, Bazaarvoice has helped thousands of the world's leading brands and retailers create smarter customer experiences across the entire customer journey. Reputation Studio partners with Bazaarvoice to help those same brands and retailers consolidate, manage and respond to reviews without leaving Salesforce.

With a foundation on the premise of customers first, the 1440 and PowerReviews partnership was an easy fit. PowerReviews helps consumers help one another by elevating consumer opinions. Reputation Studio brings those consumer opinions -- along with those from other channels -- into a single tool for easier management.

With advanced solutions for helping brands accelerate growth, Yotpo makes it easy for brands of all sizes to enable advocacy, engage shoppers and more. Reputation Studio and Yotpo have joined forces in a partnership that helps brands consolidate their processes and workflows.

Salesforce is a flexible platform that helps companies drive growth, loyalty and revenue with customer-first digital experiences. A Salesforce partner since 2009, 1440 helps those same companies unite teams around the customer with its suite of apps that create seamless online interactions, globally.


As one of the largest multinational e-Commerce companies in the world, most product searches begin on Amazon. That's why it's vital that retailers monitor reviews and questions on the platform, and that's where the Reputation Studio and Amazon partnership begins, but it's not where it ends.


Facebook is a powerful channel for many companies who are focused on everything from brand reputation to e-commerce to messaging. 1440 partners and integrates with the tech giant to help those brands streamline the effort it takes to delight customers in this vital piece of the journey.


Whether it's Google Search, Maps, Ads or Shopping, we all know the power of this platform when it comes to winning customers throughout the funnel. Whether you are a local business, a franchise or an online retailer, 1440 has the integrations to make managing Google reviews and messages easier.

Shipping is an integral part of the shopping experience today, and consumers have high expectations. Shippo is helping retailers exceed those expectations with a powerful shipping platform. With the 1440 partnership, retailers can realize those benefits on Salesforce.


On the front lines of eCommerce since 2001, ChannelAdvisor helps retailers and brands optimize operations across sales channels. By pairing ChannelAdvisor with Commerce Studio, retailers can bring their customer service full circle within

SKU Vault

SkuVault makes it easy for businesses to connect and manage their warehouses to reduce supply chain inefficiencies. The Commerce Studio partnership is a system that lets you round out your complete eCommerce business to include CRM and more.

With nearly a million new reviews posted each month, Trustpilot is on a mission to create an independent currency of trust. With timesaving features and benefits, 1440 is proud to partner with Trustpilot to allow companies to easily manage their reviews on this and dozens of other channels.

Use the XPN Analytics Solution to go beyond traditional advertising metrics on DSP and OTT Video Ads on Amazon, Walmart and eBay. Achieve the greatest ROI at scale with Tableau CRM and AI to dynamically show the most relevant consumer reviews in ads.

Today's global consumers expect to be able to communicate in their own language. Yet hiring a human translator for each of them is an unattainable goal for most companies. The TransPerfect and 1440 partnership gives brands the solution with a winning combination of machine translation with expert human oversight and works seamlessly with many Salesforce Clouds.


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