Headlights Depot

20,000 Auto Parts and a Well-Oiled, International Order Management Machine

Headlights Depot Order Management Case Study

For CEO Jay Tannenbaum, Headlights Depot is about more than headlights. It's about helping people drive safely and look better with high quality aftermarket parts. 

Commerce Studio
Transform the low-tech, manual order management process so the business can scale seamlessly.
Provide the best all-around experience with a single login to manage customers, orders, inventory, accounting and more.
Ability to handle more products and more orders in less time while maintaining exceptional levels of customer satisfaction.


Headlights Depot is on a mission to supply the world with more affordable headlights and other car accessories while providing the best customer experience. In the automotive business since the 1970s, the eCommerce company has been serving customers with high-quality parts from hundreds of manufacturers since 2004. 

Headlights Depot + Commerce Studio Video

It used to be that everything was extremely manual. We listed all the products one-by-one, and creating a label was a laborious process. If you didn't know where the product was, you couldn't work in the warehouse. 

Jay Tannenbaum



With humble beginnings, Headlights Depot's low-tech order management process got them by just fine. Sure, you had to know the make, model and part number to process an order in the warehouse, but with just a few orders per day it worked out okay.

But the inefficiencies in this process became apparent as the company grew. As growth continued, they started transitioning into sourcing parts domestically and then abroad. They were also becoming increasingly aware of the security risks their home-grown system posed. That's when they knew they needed the right combination of software tools to automate.

Headlights Depot Warehouse


Everyone at Headlights Depot is an expert in the products they sell -- from installation to product nuances. Yet, with 20,000 products in their warehouse and a goal of one-day shipping, manual processes were no longer cutting it.

That's where Commerce Studio came into play. Disparate software tools across shipping, inventory, customer, and order management were integrated behind a single login, saving time and resources. Being native to salesforce meant higher trust and security. 


There's a reason Headlights Depot has higher review scores than ever: customer experience. The customer support team now has faster communication and better personalization, with data at their fingertips. Order processing is streamlined, with advanced options for handling split orders, backorders, returns, and damages.

For a reseller of this caliber, a single data source for inventory visibility is the key. They can optimize demand planning and automatically send purchase orders to the right supplier, warehouse, or drop shipper. Add to that accounting integration and advanced analytics tools, and this is truly a one-stop business management hub.

On top of the time-saving and additional order processing capabilities, one of the most important results of this partnership is peace of mind. No longer using a home-built system on their own servers, Headlights Depot can rest easy knowing their customer and business data is not at risk. 

We were looking for a solution to bring everything together. We wanted to find a hub, and we wanted it to be cloud-based. Commerce Studio was the solution.

Jay Tannenbaum