Fashion Nova and the Problem With Suppressing Negative Reviews

Fashion Nova Negative Review Suppression

Over-Moderating Customer Feedback and Q&As Reduces Brand Authenticity Consumers have endless information at their fingertips when researching what products to purchase. But these days, they rely less on brand-provided messaging and marketing – and more on feedback from others like them. How do they access this feedback? Increasingly, by engaging with reviews, questions and answers…

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Who Should Monitor Your Online Reviews?

Who Should Monitor Online Reviews

These days, there are a lot of ways consumers share their feedback about products and experiences. But one method that’s growing in popularity is writing reviews. 50% of shoppers wrote reviews for at least one product they purchased in 2018 (PowerReviews). In comparison, 42% of shoppers wrote at least one review in 2014. Brands can’t…

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How Not to Scare Customers Away with a Bad Review Response

Scary Responses Customer Reviews

October is the month of tricks, treats and all things spooky. But do you know one thing that shouldn’t be scary — even on Halloween? Your responses to customer reviews! Sure, it can be easy to get spooked by the occasional negative review. But the way you respond to a negative review (or don’t) plays a huge role in how much…

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Concerns Over Counterfeiting on Amazon? 3 Ways to Protect your Brand

Protect Brands From Counterfeit Products

Recently, Amazon has ramped up their efforts to combat counterfeits. According to an Amazon blog post, in 2018 alone the company “invested over $400 million in personnel and tools built on machine learning and data science” in order to protect customers from counterfeits. What’s more, a bipartisan bill called the Shop Safe Act of 2020 was introduced earlier…

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Why Should Your Brand Respond To Online Reviews?

Official Brand Response responding to customer reviews

How you can leverage customer engagement and expectations to build your brand’s image and bottom line. Nearly all buyers today trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Though word-of-mouth is still critically important, the conversation has moved from town squares and city streets to the digital landscape. Most people today will hear about your brand’s…

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