Impact of Negative Business Reviews

The Real Impact of Negative Business Reviews and 5 Ways to Come Out on Top

Your customers’ satisfaction is at the heart of everything you do. So when someone writes a negative business review for your products or services — or even an experience they had with your brand — it stings. Negative reviews can hurt your business. But how much of an impact do they have? The good news…

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7 ways to respond to negative reviews

Why You Need to Respond to Negative Reviews (and How to Do It)

As a customer-focused business, you work hard to deliver products and experiences your shoppers love. So ideally, every single one of your shoppers would sing your praises. But that’s just not realistic. Sometimes, things go wrong. Perhaps a shipment is delayed or a shopper receives an item that’s been damaged in transit. Or maybe a…

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customer care team

How to Build a Winning Customer Care Team

Customer-centric brands are laser-focused on providing great experiences to their shoppers. And for good reason. Consumers that have good experiences with a brand become loyal. What’s more, these happy shoppers are likely to spread the word about their great experiences. This, of course, leads to sales growth for the brand. In fact, according to an article…

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Review Response SLA

Why Service Level Agreements Matter to Brands

The majority of U.S. states have eased their stay-at-home orders, but many people are still reluctant to venture into crowded brick-and-mortar stores. And that means more consumers are shopping online. According to data from Bazaarvoice, in April 2020, eCommerce orders were up 96% year-over-year. With this rapid growth in eCommerce comes an increased dependence on user-generated…

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COVID Impact eCommerce

4 Ways COVID-19 is Impacting eCommerce

The world today is a much different place than it was just a few short months ago. In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures intended to “flatten the curve” have become our new normal. The pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of life — and will continue to…

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review management for brands and fda regulations

Why CPG Companies Must Prioritize Review Management

Winning brands work tirelessly to develop innovative products that satisfy consumers’ ever changing wants and needs. Of course, these brands also strive to develop products that are safe for consumers to use. In addition to their own safety and quality standards, brands — especially those that manufacture consumer packaged goods — must abide by rules…

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Protect Brands From Counterfeit Products

Concerns Over Counterfeiting on Amazon? 3 Ways to Protect your Brand

Recently, Amazon has ramped up their efforts to combat counterfeits. According to an Amazon blog post, in 2018 alone the company “invested over $400 million in personnel and tools built on machine learning and data science” in order to protect customers from counterfeits. What’s more, a bipartisan bill called the Shop Safe Act of 2020 was introduced earlier…

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Respond to Negative Reviews Yelp OpenTable Amazon

Best Practices For Responding To Negative Reviews

Everything you need to know when it comes to responding to negative feedback online. People writing negative reviews want to be heard. They want someone to know that they were disappointed with their experience and want their issue resolved. You need to address customer comments in a way that is personal, authentic, and truly helpful….

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