How Reviews Impact Conversion Rates: A Guide for 2022

By now, reviews are a part of daily life for most consumers. They consult this content when shopping for new products, considering which businesses to visit, choosing a mobile app to download, and even when considering a new job – not to mention myriad other situations. In fact, our recent survey on the role of…

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Is UGC the Key to Optimizing Your Digital Shelf?


2020 was a year unlike any other. Events and vacations were canceled. Jobs were lost. And people spent a whole lot more time at home. Consumers also spent more money online than ever before. According to eMarketer, worldwide eCommerce sales grew a whopping 27.6% in 2020. Experts predict this growth won’t slow down anytime soon.…

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4 Key Customer Experience Trends for 2021

Customer Experience Trends 2021

Customer-centric brands can leverage these four CX trends to deliver great experiences in the year ahead. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies scrambled to adapt to what we thought were temporary changes in consumer behavior. For example, retailers rushed to make curbside pickup available to keep contact to a minimum—while still maintaining sales.…

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Product Reviews: The Missing Component of Your Product Launch Strategy

product launch strategy

Consumers’ needs and wants are constantly evolving. As such, a product that was once a hit can easily lose its luster if it fails to keep pace with shopper preferences. For example, BlackBerry once controlled a whopping 50% of the smartphone market in the U.S. But the company didn’t innovate quickly enough to keep up…

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Maintaining Connection when Consumers Want a “Contactless” Holiday


At the Intersection of Maximum Connection and Minimal Contact It’s 2020 and the eCommerce world finds itself in an interesting place. On one hand, the lifespan of eCommerce is at a point where consumer connection matters more than ever. Customer Experience tops the list of what retailers strive for each day. In fact, the Qualtrics…

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Why Service Level Agreements Matter to Brands

Review Response SLA

The majority of U.S. states have eased their stay-at-home orders, but many people are still reluctant to venture into crowded brick-and-mortar stores. And that means more consumers are shopping online. According to data from Bazaarvoice, in April 2020, eCommerce orders were up 96% year-over-year. With this rapid growth in eCommerce comes an increased dependence on user-generated…

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Concerns Over Counterfeiting on Amazon? 3 Ways to Protect your Brand

Protect Brands From Counterfeit Products

Recently, Amazon has ramped up their efforts to combat counterfeits. According to an Amazon blog post, in 2018 alone the company “invested over $400 million in personnel and tools built on machine learning and data science” in order to protect customers from counterfeits. What’s more, a bipartisan bill called the Shop Safe Act of 2020 was introduced earlier…

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5 Reasons Your Brand Should be Selling on Amazon

Why You Should Sell on Amazon

5 Top Reasons Your Brand Should be Selling on Amazon In 1994, Jeff Bezos launched as “the Earth’s biggest bookstore.” At the time, the only retailers that felt under threat were other booksellers. But that’s all changed — quickly. Fast forward to 2020, and consumers turn to Amazon to purchase just about anything their…

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How Online Product Reviews Impact Brick and Mortar Sales

Online Reviews Impact on Brick Mortar Sales

There’s widespread speculation that traditional brick and mortar businesses are on their way out; that they’ll soon become extinct, no thanks to online retailers like Amazon. But, this isn’t technically true. Yes, regular brick and mortar businesses without any innovative solutions might become extinct. But those who focus on customer experience and creating a seamless…

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