Customer Experience Trends 2021

4 Key Customer Experience Trends for 2021

Customer-centric brands can leverage these four CX trends to deliver great experiences in the year ahead. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies scrambled to adapt to what we thought were temporary changes in consumer behavior. For example, retailers rushed to make curbside pickup available to keep contact to a minimum—while still maintaining sales….

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Maintaining Connection when Consumers Want a “Contactless” Holiday

At the Intersection of Maximum Connection and Minimal Contact It’s 2020 and the eCommerce world finds itself in an interesting place. On one hand, the lifespan of eCommerce is at a point where consumer connection matters more than ever. Customer Experience tops the list of what retailers strive for each day. In fact, the Qualtrics…

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One Bad Review

Should you Worry About One Bad Review?

Introduction Negative reviews are a fact of life for businesses — even the most customer-focused ones. No matter how great a product or service is, it’s simply impossible to please every person every single time. Negative reviews may be unavoidable, but that doesn’t businesses welcome them. That’s because this content can do some serious damage…

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Monitoring Adverse Effects - Reviews

Monitoring Adverse Effects Through Reviews

In 2009, Peanut Corp. of America lost $1 billion, went bankrupt and closed up its business. All these happened because a batch of their peanut butter was contaminated with salmonella. As a result, 9 people died and hundreds more fell sick after consuming their peanut butter. In a similar incident, Pfizer had to pull its bestselling…

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