A Simple Framework for Managing Your Brand’s Mobile App Reviews

App Store Review Monitoring Guide

It’s no secret that modern consumers are glued to their mobile devices. A recent survey found that nearly half (46%) of consumers spend an average of five to six hours on their phones each day – not including work-related use. Consumers use their mobile devices for myriad purposes – including browsing and buying products and…

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Fashion Nova and the Problem With Suppressing Negative Reviews

Fashion Nova Negative Review Suppression

Over-Moderating Customer Feedback and Q&As Reduces Brand Authenticity Consumers have endless information at their fingertips when researching what products to purchase. But these days, they rely less on brand-provided messaging and marketing – and more on feedback from others like them. How do they access this feedback? Increasingly, by engaging with reviews, questions and answers…

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2 New Ways for Brands to Engage with Product Reviews on Amazon

Responding to reviews, regardless of where those reviews were written, is so important. When you respond to a negative review, you have the opportunity to turn a bad situation around and show the reviewer (and future prospective customers) that you care. Here at 1440, we strongly believe brands should respond to reviews, regardless of where…

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7 Ways to Use Templates for Review Responses

review response templates

Collecting and displaying reviews is proven to drive some pretty impressive results for your business. According to an analysis from our friends at Bazaarvoice, there’s a 128% lift in conversion when shoppers interact with ratings and reviews on “best-in-class” sites — as well as a 159% lift in revenue per visitor. But responding to reviews…

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How Quickly Should You Respond to Reviews?

How Quickly Respond Customer Reviews

The ongoing global health crisis has had a significant impact on consumer behavior. Consumers are not only shopping online more, they’re also using online channels to access customer service. In fact, according to Salesforce’s most recent State of Service report, 87% of service professionals indicate that customers have increased their use of digital channels during…

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How Not to Scare Customers Away with a Bad Review Response

Scary Responses Customer Reviews

October is the month of tricks, treats and all things spooky. But do you know one thing that shouldn’t be scary — even on Halloween? Your responses to customer reviews! Sure, it can be easy to get spooked by the occasional negative review. But the way you respond to a negative review (or don’t) plays a huge role in how much…

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Should you Worry About One Bad Review?

One Bad Review

Introduction Negative reviews are a fact of life for businesses — even the most customer-focused ones. No matter how great a product or service is, it’s simply impossible to please every person every single time. Negative reviews may be unavoidable, but that doesn’t businesses welcome them. That’s because this content can do some serious damage…

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AmazonBasics and How Customer Feedback Can Be an Early Warning Sign of Safety Hazards

AmazonBasics Safety Allgeations

AmazonBasics has been making headline news lately. First there were the antitrust allegations, which claim the company uses insider data to develop its own private label products that directly compete with other brands. Amazon launched its first private label brand, “AmazonBasics” in 2009. Today, they have more than 200 private label brands in a variety of…

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Why You Need to Respond to Negative Reviews (and How to Do It)

7 ways to respond to negative reviews

As a customer-focused business, you work hard to deliver products and experiences your shoppers love. So ideally, every single one of your shoppers would sing your praises. But that’s just not realistic. Sometimes, things go wrong. Perhaps a shipment is delayed or a shopper receives an item that’s been damaged in transit. Or maybe a…

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