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Do More Pod

Watch the first episode of GSK’s internal Do More podcast. This episode focuses on digital engagement, consumer reviews, pandemic challenges and strategies — all designed to help GSK employees further embed a Quality mindset across Consumer Healthcare.

Jason Amari

Jay Amari

Consumer Relations Director of the Americas, GSK Consumer Healthcare

Christian Gennerman

Christian Gennerman

VP of Customer Success,

What You'll Learn

· How brands can become part of the powerful consumer narrative ·

· Pros and cons of engaging with consumers digitally ·

· Amazon’s decision to remove the ability to respond ·

· Critical KPIs and Goals for consumer engagement ·

· Trends in UGC management ·

· Integrating customer communications across channels ·

· Leveraging technology and AI to assist in consumer engagement ·

Win the Moments that Matter.

Win the Moments that Matter.