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Healthcare Giant Achieves Systematic Review Management on a Global Scale

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For 130 years, J&J has been committed to the health and safety of its products aimed at consumers and families. Reviews help them measure that goal.

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Reputation Studio
The ability for agents to manage reviews was limited, jeopardizing the reputation of its consumer health brands.
Implement an advanced system that could handle reviews, engagement, and analysis on a global scale.
Significant improvement in agent productivity with reviews from all outlets on a single platform.


From manufacturing the first commercial first aid kits to keeping teeth and gums healthy, Johnson & Johnson's consumer brands have aspired toward a healthier world. Today, they are one of the most trusted brands in the consumer healthcare realm, offering the world's largest range of products such as skin, oral, and wound care.


Around 2017, with new product launches, it raced to the forefront for us to be on top of online reviews as they were coming in. At the end of 2017, we put together a global e-commerce team to put together a strategy to regulate it. What came out of it was the need to proactively manage our rating on reviews online specifically on Amazon since it is a large factor of our e-commerce business outside of Asia.


Business Technology Leader
J&J Review Management


J&J's eCommerce business has expanded in the last 5 years. Currently, they have an eCommerce presence in all the major markets around the world and are looking to continue growing. They view reviews as a big part of that. Yet, before incorporating Reputation Studio into their review management process, the company was capped at how many product reviews they could monitor in a day.

With more products and innovations taking hold online, the need for a seamless and systematic review management process came racing to the forefront. They needed an advanced system that could handle reviews and customer engagement on a global scale.

They were in search of a solution to improve both agent activities as well as customer satisfaction. For a company of this size, responding to all questions, comments, and concerns helps maintain a strong reputation. This was of utmost importance for the parent company and associated brands.


The Business Technology Leader for the brand was introduced to Reputation Studio, the only review management system that is native to the Salesforce Platform. This allows agents to work with reviews from many sites and services such as Amazon, Bazaarvoice, Yelp, and Google, but within a single platform.

With AI-based automation, Reputation Studio creates a Service Cloud Case and routes it to the appropriate agent. Agents can then prioritize reviews and be able to respond directly from the Salesforce Dashboard and avoid logging into various platforms for various responses. Agents can then focus on responding with high-quality feedback and responses are then posted to the platform directly.

In addition to all the reviews and responses being in one place, companies can then track response time and provide a seamless and efficient process to ensure their customers' feedback is getting the attention and quality it deserves. With new products constantly launching it was important for this Fortune 50 Global CPG brand to find a solution that could keep up their review management needs.


In the first two months with Reputation Studio, Johnson & Johnson was able to substantially increase their capacity for product review management from 5-10 products max to 200+ products. Agents improved their quality of work and were able to spend their hours where it mattered most: providing high-quality responses to their customers.

There was now no need to spend additional time logging into multiple platforms to get their job done. With Reputation Studio, all of their reviews were on one dashboard, making it easier for agents to respond appropriately and giving the company an easier training method for new agents.

Now, they can successfully launch new products and handle feedback on side effects that consumers may have while increasing the value of their brands.

We found a DOUBLING of agent productivity just during the pilot. It would not surprise me that we may be getting even triple now.


Business Technology Leader

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Win the Moments that Matter.