1440 Demo Kit Overview

Reputation Studio
Commerce Studio
Translation Studio

This 1440 Demo Kit is a resource intended for Salesforce Solution Engineers to install and setup 1440 products in their own demo orgs with sample data so you may easily present to customers and prospects.


The all-in-one review management suite that consolidates reviews and marketplace questions from nearly any channel. View, respond to and analyze feedback from one place.

Installation Information

Installing Reputation Studio

Step by Step Instruction

Use Cases

Ratings & Reviews in Salesforce

Auto-Create Cases


Don’t let language be a barrier when it comes to understanding and delighting customers. Translation Studio translates any object into any language in seconds.

Step by Step Instruction


Consolidate all your eCommerce integrations using our best-in-class tools to improve and automate Customer Service, Order Management, Inventory and Logistics.

Demo Kit Coming Soon

For demo or installation questions or to further enhance your demo environment, please contact our Sales Engineering team directly at VIP@1440.io  | Subject=RCG IDO