1440 Demo Kit

This 1440 Demo Kit is a resource intended for Salesforce Solution Engineers to install and set up 1440 products with sample data in their own demo orgs. Our goal is to help make it easy to present these solutions to customers and prospects. For assistance, please contact us at vip@1440.io.

Translation Studio

Don’t let language be a barrier when it comes to understanding and delighting customers. Translation Studio translates any object into any language in seconds.

Translation in Salesforce
Translation Setup Salesforce

Translation Studio IDO Demo

Reputation Studio

The all-in-one review management suite that consolidates reviews and marketplace questions from nearly any channel. View, respond to and analyze feedback from one place.

1440 Review Channels

Respond to Reviews from Inside Service Cloud

A Salesforce customer/prospect asks their Solution Engineer about managing online reviews inside Service Cloud. The Salesforce AE/SE tells their customer/prospect that they have a solution for monitoring and responding to online reviews from inside Service Cloud.

Facilitate Review Response SLAs

A Customer Service manager monitors customer reviews for all products, locations, and apps (including Amazon, Bazaarvoice, Google My Business, Yelp, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store Connect app stores). She turns those reviews into cases for her Customer Service agents to respond to. She must ensure that SLAs are kept intact while also providing a consistent customer experience across channels.

Manage 1-2 Star Reviews

  1. Open each review (custom object) and based upon the rating, issue and origin, determine whether it should become a case.
  2. Determine whether all 1-2 star reviews should have an auto-create case workflow to increase response time and efficiency.
  3. Auto-created cases are fully tracked by progress. Customer Service agents are able to look at the Open Case List View to work through cases and respond quickly and easily.
  4. The Customer Service team collaborates on reviews that have unique issues and require additional attention.

Manage 3-4 Star Reviews

  1. Open each review (custom object) and based upon the issue, determine whether a case should be made.
  2. Determine whether all 3-star reviews should have an auto-create case workflow as there is an opportunity to potentially turn these into 4 or 5 star reviews.
  3. Additional knowledge is found around key KPIs they track internally which allows them to react quickly and improve customer experiences around their stores, app functionality and products.
  4. Operations, Customer Service and Product Development teams are all monitoring these reviews.
Review Management Salesforce

Reputation Studio IDO Demo

Commerce Studio

Consolidate all your eCommerce integrations using our best-in-class tools to improve and automate Customer Service, Order Management, Inventory and Logistics.

Demo Kit Coming Soon

Order Management Salesforce
Edit Orders Salesforce Order Management

Messaging Studio (Beta)

Design and manage personalized messaging experiences once in Salesforce, and deploy them across popular channels consumers already love, like Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Messenger.

Demo Kit Coming Soon

Messaging Studio 1440 _ Google's Business Messaging

For demo or installation questions or to further enhance your demo environment, please contact our Sales Engineering team directly at VIP@1440.io