3 Benefits of Amazon’s Buy with Prime for Consumers

Buy with Prime Consumer Benefits

When the Amazon Prime membership program was first launched, you probably believed it was the most revolutionary idea in the eCommerce world. You simply pay an annual membership fee, and you’re guaranteed free delivery within one or two days.

Now Amazon has introduced an even better idea with its Buy with Prime program. The new Amazon feature makes it easy for online merchants to tap into the wide base of loyal Amazon Prime members.

But the benefits aren’t limited to eCommerce business owners. Your customers will also reap various benefits from the Buy with Prime feature on D2C sites.

Keep reading as we delve deeper into this new Amazon feature and how it could benefit your consumers.

What is Buy With Prime?

Buy with Prime is a new Amazon program that allows the company’s prime shoppers to enjoy online shopping deals when shopping on other eCommerce websites. The feature enables online merchants to reach more consumers by giving shoppers the same experience they get when shopping with Amazon.

An eCommerce business can now include the Buy with Prime button on its website, making it easy for buyers to experience the features they are used to as Amazon Prime members. In other words, this program allows online retailers and brands to use the websites to extend the benefits of being Amazon Prime customers to their shoppers.

How Does Buy with Prime Work?

Not all online merchants can use Buy with Prime. Currently, only sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services can use the program. If you think you qualify, you should complete our setup form to request an invitation to the pilot program.

You should also include the delivery promises on your website, making customers know that they will enjoy the same benefits they are used to as Amazon Prime customers. The promises include free returns and fast delivery.

When customers find an item on your website and there is a Buy with Prime logo, they will purchase the product and make payment the same way they would have done if they used their Amazon account. Your customers will receive notifications about shipping and delivery like they would if they bought something on Amazon.

What are the Key Benefits of Buy With Prime for Consumers?

If your customers are Amazon Prime members and frequently shop online, then the Buy with Prime feature is good news for them. Here are some benefits they could enjoy:

1. Convenience

Your customers will have a convenient shopping experience if you sign up for Buy with Prime. They will shop on your website and complete the checkout process using their existing Amazon account.

All their payment and address information is stored on Amazon, so they don’t have to fill in any forms when making a purchase. This is a huge benefit considering that many shoppers are reluctant to shop on new websites because they have to create a new account, which is time-consuming.

Once the customers click on the Buy with Prime logo on your website, they must sign in to their Amazon accounts. From there, they can complete their buying process using their most convenient or preferred method. This makes the checkout process faster than if they had to start filling in details on your eCommerce website.

Once the customers complete their order, they will receive information about delivery and shipping as they would if they bought directly from Amazon.

2. Reliability

Customers will also enjoy reliable services when they use Buy with Prime. They know their payment will be securely processed and understand when their products will arrive.

The payment process is secure because customers use their Amazon accounts, which have already been verified. Also, Amazon stores the customer’s information, so they don’t have to worry that a third party will compromise it when they make a purchase on your website. 

Plus, as an online merchant using Buy with Prime, you must adhere to Amazon’s data privacy policy. This includes not sharing customers’ data with third parties.

Customers know you will deliver their products on time because you make the same delivery promises as Amazon. For Prime customers, Amazon promises delivery within one or two days, so they expect the same when they shop on your website.

As a fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) seller, you should include the delivery promises on your website. The promises show the average number of days it will take to ship an item after receiving an order. The delivery promises add more reliability to your business.

3. Trust

Customers will also trust your business more if you offer Buy with Prime. They know they can access the same shopping benefits they are used to when shopping on Amazon.

When customers see the Buy with Prime logo on your website, they know they can shop with the same level of confidence they have when shopping on Amazon. They understand they are guaranteed fast and free delivery and an easy checkout process. All these things are part of excellent customer service and an improved user experience.

The easy return process is one of the benefits of shopping with Amazon as a Prime member. Customers know they can return a product if they are not happy with it and receive a refund without hassle. The same applies when they shop on your website using Buy with Prime.

This experience is vital because customers are more likely to buy from a business they can trust. They are also more likely to become repeat customers and recommend your business to others if they have a good experience. In this case, your salesforce will have an easy time closing deals as most of their prospects will be interested in your products.

Grow Your eCommerce Business Using Buy With Prime

The Buy with Prime feature is a great way to improve your customers’ shopping experience. It also helps build trust between you and your customers. If you are an FBA seller with inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers, you can add the Buy with Prime program to your eCommerce site in a few steps.

Set Up Buy with Prime on Your DTC Store