6 Benefits of Amazon’s New Buy with Prime for Merchants

Buy with Prime Merchant Benefits

Amazon recently launched a fantastic new service they call Buy With Prime. The program extends the benefits of shopping on Prime to online e-commerce retailers…even those not taking part in the Amazon Prime program. Prime members can shop on any website with the Buy with Prime logo. That means fast shipping and secure purchases. They can check out the same way they are familiar with when shopping with Prime. It allows Prime members to enjoy the same benefits on all e-commerce websites that sign up.

Amazon will also handle the fulfillment process of the items customers buy. By letting Amazon handle fulfillment, retailers can provide a quick shopping experience and simplify their operations. It also provides the convenience Prime members love.

Buy with Prime will only be available by invitation for brands using the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service for now. Other merchants who do not use Fulfillment by Amazon will also have the option later down the road. They will also receive invites from Amazon when the time comes. Luckily, 1440 is a Buy with Prime partner and we are offering invitations and a complimentary setup.

6 Buy with Prime Benefits for Retailers

Online retailers will receive many benefits for using Buy With Prime, six of which are below. 

1. Enhanced Retailer and Customer Relationships 

Amazon will now allow many online merchants who do not sell products through Prime fantastic opportunities. The retailers can sell products on their company website with the same advantages as those using the fulfillment service. Retailers will have the incredible opportunity to provide the Prime benefits consumers love.

Amazon’s Buy with Prime will allow merchants to establish and keep meaningful relationships with Prime members. The service gives Prime members a vast selection of products at the same low prices. Consumers will also enjoy the same fast and free shipping experience with easy checkout and free returns. The offer of convenient, fast, and free shipping benefits will allow brands to build solid customer relationships, turning first-time shoppers into loyal customers. 

Choosing the Buy with Prime option enables Prime members to make purchases directly with the brand they already know and trust. Shoppers will love the hassle-free one-click buy now option with Amazon Pay, with customer payment and shipping information already saved. The company keeps the customer’s data, allowing merchants to build direct customer relationships.

2. Increased Retailer Website Traffic 

Buy with Prime offers brands a higher rate of customer traffic on their business website. It also means an elevated sales rate. Merchants can attract Prime members by adding Amazon branding, such as a Prime badge, to their marketing materials. The badge will appeal to Prime members by offering a familiar shopping experience they trust. The badge and delivery promise on the merchant’s website will allow brands a fantastic opportunity to unlock various Amazon Prime benefits, including increased traffic. 

3. Higher Conversion Rates 

A high rate of conversion is no simple feat. In today’s competitive online shopping world, merchants must engage customers and entice them to buy their merchandise. Buy with Prime means delivering benefits that Prime members already know. They trust the payment security and shipping while buying on the Prime platform.

The Buy with Prime program allows retailers to enjoy all the benefits of selling to Amazon Prime members from their own e-commerce website. Retailers will love the added number of advertisement clicks and higher conversion rates. Not to mention the happy returning customers the service will provide them. 

Prime members confidently make purchases on the Amazon platform. When they see the Prime badge on other websites, they will have peace of mind knowing they are making safe purchases. The opportunity to sell to Amazon Prime members is lucrative for any retailer. After all, consumers who sign-up and pay the monthly fee for a Prime membership are avid online shoppers.

4. Simpler Fulfillment

Amazon will also handle the quick fulfillment process. It allows retailers to delight their customers with the same fast and free delivery they get on Amazon.com. All orders customers make using Buy with Prime will offer the same one-day and two-day delivery promise.

Retailers will pay three to five-day shipping rates while offering one to two-day shipping! The Buy with Prime service will allow merchants to improve inventory management. All direct-to-customer or DTC orders will be quick and convenient.

5. Your Store, Your Customer

Merchants can display Amazon’s Buy with Prime button on their websites. Until now, there was a common complaint from retailers selling products through the Amazon Prime website. They felt they didn’t have enough control over their client-customer relationships. Signing up with Buy with Prime means merchants can access order information, including email addresses. It will allow them to provide customer service and build direct relationships with customers. Amazon will share Prime member data with merchants, including: 

  • Customer full names
  • Shopper email addresses 
  • Consumer shipping addresses
  • Customer phone numbers 
  • The last four digits of the credit card or payment method they use during checkout 

The one-click shoppers will love the convenience and fast and free delivery they have enjoyed for years. Retailers can provide the same dependability customers get shopping on the Amazon Prime platform, turning Prime members into loyal customers.

6. Easier Returns Processing

When Prime members shop outside of Amazon.com, they expect the same benefits. Because Amazon fulfillment services will handle the shipping and free returns on eligible orders, Buy with Prime will allow members to shop and confidently make purchases. Allowing Amazon to handle fulfillment processes means more straightforward and faster shipping. It benefits the retailer and customer. 

Amazon’s Buy with Prime will allow millions of U.S. Prime members to shop on their favorite merchant’s websites. Consumers can enjoy the same benefits they adore while shopping on other platforms. They have access to the same speedy fulfillment, free and fast delivery, and free returns on eligible orders. The fantastic benefits that Prime members already love. 

Amazon’s Buy with Prime will allow small retailers to compete with more prominent merchants. Platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and the Commerce Cloud will no longer be the preference. Retailers have the amazing opportunity to grow their business. They can do this by letting Prime members enjoy the benefits during direct-to-customer purchases. Prime members will love making purchases using the brand they are familiar with and trust.