Reddit + Salesforce: Respond to Reddit Comments in Salesforce With Reputation Studio

1440 Reddit Review Management

Reputation Studio by 1440 Now Supports Reddit

1440 is committed to providing digital continuity and efficiency to its customers. Our aim is to make it easy for companies to use a single hub to communicate with customers throughout their journey, instead of wasting time on different platforms. To this aim, our four products span Commerce, Reputation (reviews and Q&A), Translation and Messaging.

Reputation Studio helps customers monitor, manage, respond to and analyze reviews and Q&A from dozens of sources, including Amazon, Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews, App Stores, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, Yotpo and more. Now, Reputation Studio also supports comments and questions from Reddit.

The Reddit integration offers efficient monitoring of people and their views on the popular social network, making it easy for brands to become part of the conversation.

In this article, we will learn more about this partnership and how it can help to amplify a customer’s voice efficiently, and at the same time, assist brands in evaluating consumer reactions and opinions.

An Introduction to Reputation Studio and Reddit

Reddit UsersReddit is a social platform that aggregates content and allows different users to submit their posts and receive responses, upvotes or downvotes. An upvote makes a post visible for a larger audience, but too many downvotes make the post disappear within a short time.

Reddit is based on Subreddits, which are sub-communities designed by users for various topics. These topics span podcasts, gaming, fitness, technology, memes and just about everything else under the sun. Each Subreddit has its own set of rules.

You may be asking yourself, why would Reputation Studio monitor Reddit? Well, Reddit has become a very popular source of consumer opinions about brands and products. And Reputation Studio exists to help brands manage their reputation by consolidating marketplace questions and reviews from different channels. Reddit is a bit of an outlier compared to Reputation Studio’s more traditional review channels like Bazaarvoice and Amazon because there is no star rating assigned to a specific product.

Benefits of Monitoring Reddit Comments with Reputation Studio

Adding Reddit to Reputation Studio’s 30+ channels has many benefits for brands in different verticals. For example, one of the world’s largest companies with a presence in the gaming space was our first customer to adopt the Reddit integration. Gaming is a popular vertical on Reddit with many influencers. In order to get the full picture of their reputation, it was important to add Reddit to their collection. Here are the features and benefits:

  • Add any Subreddit to Salesforce Service Cloud to start monitoring comments.
  • Comments, including images, sync into the platform every 10 minutes.
  • Route and assign cases to different team members and create tickets as necessary.
  • Respond to specific comments without leaving Salesforce. The platform supports basic text styling such as bold and italics, so comments can appear in Reddit exactly as if they were posted natively.
  • One of the most important features is the Sentiment Analysis of Reddit comments. This allows you to:
    • aggregate and extract subjective information from the text
    • apply sentiment and intent tags (i.e. a negative tag for “WiFi”)
    • map fields to the CRM with custom fields

Monitoring comments on Reddit alone is powerful. But when combined with Reputation Studio’s other capabilities, it’s reputation GOLD. Aggregate all of your other reputation channels alongside Reddit to get a true picture of consumer sentiment about a brand, product, service or app. By housing this information in your CRM where your business data already lives, you can extend the capabilities in countless ways.

So, forget the cumbersome job of searching and monitoring Reddit manually. Reddit is a huge platform with many powerful influencers. Realize efficiencies and incremental revenue growth when you manage your holistic reputation with Reputation Studio on Salesforce.