The Converting Power Behind Buy With Prime: What Your Brand Needs to Know

Let’s face it: the global marketplace has never been more crowded. Consumers have plentiful options – regardless of what they’re shopping for.

So if you’re like most brands, you’re always looking for innovative ways to attract shoppers – and then convert them from browsers to buyers.

Last year, Amazon launched Buy with Prime, which empowers brands to deliver a trusted, familiar checkout experience – right on their own e-commerce sites. And now, brands using this service can leverage Amazon reviews to boost shoppers’ confidence and conversion rates.

Read on to learn more about Reviews From Amazon for Buy With Prime – and how this content can help you grow sales in a crowded market. 

What is Buy With Prime? 

In case you’re not familiar with Amazon Buy With Prime, let’s take a closer look at what it is and how it works.

Buy with Prime is a service offered by Amazon that helps brands grow conversion rates. According to Amazon, brands that use Buy with Prime can increase shopper conversion by an average of 25%.

Brands that use Buy with Prime can increase shopper conversion by an average of 25%


Brands that use Buy with Prime are able to deliver the simple, trusted checkout and delivery experience consumers have come to expect from Amazon – right on their own e-commerce sites.

Consider a consumer shopping for hair care products. They’ve determined a specific hair oil meets their needs, so they scroll down to the payment options. They see a button that says “Buy With Prime,” along with information about when they can expect their delivery – which will be free if they’re an Amazon Prime member.

Upon clicking the button, the shopper is prompted to sign into their Amazon account. After doing so, they are able to select a shipping address and payment method from those they have saved in their Amazon Prime account. Then, they hit “Place order,” and they’re good to go. They’re not required to create another account or input any additional information. 

Once the order is placed, the shopper gets shipping and delivery notifications just like they would if they purchased the item directly on Amazon.

The customer appreciates the simple, familiar checkout process – and they get free, fast shipping. At the same time, because the purchase was made on the brand’s e-commerce site, the brand has the opportunity to own and foster the relationship with the customer. 

Amazon Reviews: Enhancing the Value of Buy with Prime 

One key reason consumers shop on Amazon is the availability of reviews. As such, accumulating a lot of reviews on Amazon is a great way to boost your brand’s visibility – and the likelihood that a shopper will convert on your Amazon product pages. 

Now, brands can also display those trusted Amazon ratings and reviews for products using Buy with Prime – right on their own e-commerce sites. 

Remember that consumer we mentioned earlier who was shopping for hair care products? Underneath the “Buy with Prime” button, she sees a summary of the Amazon review content available for the product she’s considering. She can see how many reviews are available for the product – and how the star ratings are distributed. Then, she can sort and filter reviews just like she would if she were shopping directly on Amazon. 

These Amazon reviews might be the only reviews available for the product. Or, they can supplement the reviews you collect natively on your e-commerce sites through Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews, Yotpo, or another provider. 

Reviews from Amazon are available for Buy with Prime brands without any additional fee. It’s all part of the value of Buy with Prime.

How Reviews from Buy with Prime Benefit Brands

OK, so you can now display Amazon reviews on product pages for your Buy With Prime products. But why should you care?

Let’s take a closer look.

Reviews Drive Conversion

Modern consumers have come to depend on ratings and reviews for products and services to travel and childcare – and everything in between. A recent survey from PowerReviews found that 91% of consumers always or regularly read reviews when shopping online. 

Displaying ratings and reviews is an important way to meet customers’ expectations. And, it’s proven to boost one of your most important metrics: conversion. A PowerReviews analysis found that conversion rates DOUBLE among shoppers who interact with ratings and reviews. 

Conversion rates double among shoppers who interact with ratings and reviews.

PowerReviews, How User-Generated Content Impacts Conversion: 2023 Edition

Conversion rates double among shoppers who interact with ratings and reviews.

Source: PowerReviews, How User-Generated Content Impacts Conversion: 2023 Edition 

When customers read reviews, they can make more informed purchase decisions. That means they’re more likely to be satisfied with the items they purchase. That satisfaction means fewer returns for you – and a greater likelihood of repeat business. 

Consumers Trust Amazon 

Let’s face it: consumers love Amazon. It’s the second-largest global retailer. And there are an estimated 200 million Prime members around the world. 

Consumers know and trust Amazon – including the reviews they find there. Displaying Amazon reviews on your Buy with Prime products is a powerful way to build your shoppers’ trust. 

Review Volume Matters

Ratings and reviews are an effective way to boost your bottom line. But if you already collect reviews natively on your own dot com, you might be wondering whether it makes sense to display Amazon reviews for your Buy with Prime products.

The short answer is yes.

As we mentioned earlier, consumers trust Amazon. Displaying Amazon reviews on your own site is a way to add another layer of trusted social proof. This will grow shoppers’ confidence and conversion. 

In addition, shoppers pay attention to review volume. Furthermore, an analysis from PowerReviews found that the higher the number of reviews, the greater the impact on conversion. 

Displaying Amazon reviews in addition to your natively generated reviews helps ensure you always have a high volume of quality reviews for your Buy with Prime products. 

Get Started with Reviews from Buy with Prime 

If you’re a current Buy with Prime merchant, it’s quick and easy to start populating Amazon reviews for your products that use Buy with Prime. It just requires you to install two pieces of Javascript code. One piece of code is for the ratings component, and the other is for the reviews component.

If you have a technical resource, it should be quick and easy to get this code installed. If you don’t have a technical resource, your Buy with Prime rep can help.

That’s all it takes to start leveraging Amazon reviews to boost your shoppers’ confidence and conversion rates on your own e-commerce site.

However, it’s also important to proactively manage your reviews. 

Chances are, you probably collect different types of reviews in different locations. You could manage each type of review through its respective platform. But that takes time. And you probably don’t have a lot of that to spare. 

A better approach is to manage all of your reviews through a single platform: Salesforce. 

But how? 

Reputation Studio from 1440 enables brands to monitor, respond to, and analyze reviews – all within Salesforce!