Better Experiences, Stronger Relationships: Is Digital 360 Worth the Hype?

Digital 360 Worth Hype

The short answer is “absolutely.”

Digital 360 has recently become the new industry standard for communicating with customers on the level they have come to expect. It allows businesses to connect with their audiences at any time of the day, on their preferred platforms. When companies have the capabilities of understanding each individual consumer, they are able to better suit everyone’s specific needs and desires.

1440: A Comprehensive Approach to Customer Experience

Get More from Digital1440 takes a comprehensive approach to customer experience as we work with companies like Reckitt, creating an intersection between reliable and valuable products with a total view of a customer.

1440 works tirelessly to take full advantage of each minute available: our name alone (there are 1440 minutes in a day) attests to our focus on the value of time. Founded in 2021 by Jon Jessup, 1440 is a next-generation technology provider that helps organizations across diverse industries deliver on the promise of digital eCommerce.

As the market leader in intelligent solutions, we help organizations make smarter decisions and act on them. We are a Salesforce AppExchange (ISV) partner and/or solution provider combining industry expertise, leading cloud platforms, and data science to deliver big outcomes. 1440 helps our clients maximize the power of their data by integrating and consolidating disparate processes behind a single login. Learn more at

Changes in the Retail Landscape

Digital transactions have skyrocketed over the past year, and the companies that adapted accordingly ended up excelling tremendously. You’ve probably noticed some of these changes, such as retail stores offering curbside pickup, food delivery apps offering no-contact delivery, or even being able to view your barber’s calendar to schedule a time for him or her to come to you.

Plus, these businesses have a plethora of payment options, all of which have your details on file. These seemingly subtle changes have made an enormous impact.

Digital 360 Keeps Your Company Competitive, Accessible, and Desirable

Digital 360 means you can begin to market, sell, and engage your audience anytime, anywhere. With a huge history of successful projects, 1440’s CEO Jon Jessup recognized and has tapped into the scalability of this platform, ready to tell the customer’s story from a more comprehensive perspective.

1440’s visionary quartet of studios are so valuable to businesses because they combine industry-leading service, commerce, and translation clouds to help create seamless online interactions, globally:

  • Reputation Studio consolidates all of your reviews into Service Cloud where service teams can easily respond to reviews, pull reports and generate powerful analytics.
  • Messaging Studio provides a unified agent workspace for popular messaging services, helping brands bring personalized customer experiences to the chat experience while uncovering hidden ROI.
  • Translation Studio supports customers who do business in global marketplaces. Don’t let language be a barrier when it comes to customer experience. Translation Studio automatically translates any Salesforce object into any language in seconds.
  • Commerce Studio supports multi-channel retailers to build a better customer experience by supporting orders, returns, and logistics. Consolidate customer communications from multiple eCommerce platforms.

💡 Fun fact: four 360s equals 1440.

With the power and innovation of Digital 360, these four Studios exemplify the most exceptional aspects of the next stage of the digital marketplace: data-driven, obsessed with customers, and future-proof.

Learn More About Digital Transformation with 1440

Founded in 2021, 1440 is a next-generation Salesforce ISV partner/technology provider that helps organizations across diverse industries deliver on the promise of digital eCommerce. The 1440 mission is to provide businesses with what they need to win the moments that matter most. True to their name, 1440 dedicates each moment to empowering customers to improve organization, process, and task management. Beginning with evaluating global Consumer Reviews to direct purchasing to the overarching power of multi-channel Order Management to the international bridge-builder of Translation Studio, they keep the focus on customer experience. Learn more at

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