Digital Transformation and Other Highlights from eTail East

At 1440, we pride ourselves on being among the sponsors of one of the world’s leading eCommerce conferences, eTail East. This year’s edition was held at Sheraton, Boston, premised on encouraging digital transformation in retail. And if you missed this year’s conference, don’t worry. Here’s a quick rundown of a few things you missed during the two-day event. 

Celebrating Our Partnership with Amazon Buy with Prime, In Style

Being one of the first Buy With Prime partners explains why we’re so close to Amazon Buy With Prime. At 1440, we’re now offering free set up for the recently launched Buy With Prime, Amazon’s tool that helps merchants grow their Direct To Customer eCommerce stores.

Buy With Prime helps merchants attain 49% more secured transactions by providing customers with seamless and fast ways of checking out. Our relationship with Buy With Prime was also brought to the forefront during the event, and we explained how can businesses set up Buy With Prime using our four simple steps. To top it off, we joined forces with Amazon and organized a dinner at Boston’s premier steakhouse, Del Frisco’s Steakhouse.

We look forward to a long-lived partnership with Amazon Buy With Prime as they continue pushing the boundaries in improving user experience in eCommerce.  

What’s New at Salesforce

We were also pleased to learn of the introduction of a composable storefront by industry leader Salesforce. We’ve been working closely with Salesforce as a longtime ISV partner to see how to improve user experience across the customer buying journey. It was exciting to be part of unveiling this important development in Salesforce’s composable commerce efforts. 

While people often use headless digital storefront and composable commerce interchangeably, the two are different. A headless digital storefront involves the separation of the front end and back end of a platform. With a headless digital storefront, users can even remove the front end. On the other hand, composable commerce is taking the separation of a store’s back and front ends a step further by also incorporating technologies when building the commerce stack. 

Conversational Commerce at the 1440 Booth

People who visited our booth at the eTail East event learned of the new frontiers in eCommerce. Our booth also had fun lessons on one of eCommerce’s freshest terms: conversational commerce. If you aren’t familiar with the term, conversational commerce is the convergence of online shopping and messaging apps, where companies harness the power of messaging apps to make sales.

Currently, customers aren’t only calling and sending emails when having inquiries about products but also, and increasingly, using messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. So at 1440, we advise businesses to seek ways to merge their eCommerce platforms with popular messaging apps since this is an area where we see vast potential. 

The Bottom Line 

As is evident, this past eTail East event in Boston was a great success for 1440. Our aim at the event was to provide value to all attendees, particularly those who would visit our booth. Not only did we achieve this, but we also made great connections with fellow players in the eCommerce industry. We were hoping to see you at the eTail conferences in 2023!