How 1440 Helps Brands Reclaim Their Time While Delighting Customers

1440 saves brands time

Consumers have an abundance of choices – whether they’re shopping for a sofa, a holiday gift for a loved one, a bank, a vacation, or just about anything in between. That means you’re likely facing more competition than ever before.

Offering great products and services is essential, but it’s no longer enough to win the hearts of shoppers. Why? Because increasingly, experience is what drives purchase behavior. According to Salesforce research, nearly nine in ten consumers say that the experience a business provides is just as important as its products or services.

Once you’ve won a customer, though, the hard work is done. Right? Wrong. Post-sale, the pressure is on to deliver great experiences to keep those customers coming back for more. This is easier said than done, as consumers are often less loyal than we’d like to think. The same Salesforce report found that nearly three-quarters of consumers have switched brands at least once in the past year.

The bottom line here? In order to win and retain customers, you’ve got to deliver great experiences to every customer every time. But real talk: doing so requires time – and a lot of it. 

We live in a grind culture, and working overtime has (unfortunately) become the norm for many. But here at 1440, we don’t think you should have to work around the clock, forgo much-needed time off, and give up time with family and friends to ensure your brand is successful. In fact, we’ve built an entire suite of solutions so you don’t have to. 

Ready to reclaim your time – while still delivering winning customer experiences every time? Read on to find out how each of our studios can help you achieve the perfect balance. 

Reputation Studio: Actively Manage Reviews and Q&A – Without Working around the Clock

Consumers weigh dozens of factors when making purchase decisions. But user-generated content – including ratings and reviews and questions and answers (Q&A) – are climbing up the list in terms of impact

Clearasil Review Display

Our research found that 74% of consumers consider reviews to be at least somewhat important when making purchase decisions, making this content even more impactful than traditional word of mouth and advertising.  

In addition, 89% of consumers read the questions and answers section of a product page when researching a purchase. And 63% have posed their own questions via Q&A. 

Clif Q&A

Managing this content is essential to boosting your online reputation and increasing sales. To illustrate the power of reviews (and responding to them), consider the fact that 78% of consumers have changed their minds about making a purchase after reading a negative review. Yet, 73% would reconsider a product with a negative review if there was a sufficient response from the brand or manufacturer. 

While actively managing reviews and Q&A is certainly worth the effort, it takes a ton of time. If you’re like most brands, you sell your products (and collect reviews and Q&A) through multiple channels – such as your own D2C site, retailer sites, and Amazon. You might also collect other types of reviews elsewhere, such as location reviews, app reviews, and company reviews – among others. Managing content across all of these channels probably requires you to spend time on dozens of different platforms. That means you may be spending your weekend juggling all of these platforms – when you’d rather be binge-watching the latest season of your favorite Netflix show. 

We created Reputation Studio to save the day – and give you your time back.

With Reputation Studio, you can generate, monitor, respond to, and analyze reviews from a ton of different channels – all from your go-to platform for running your business: Salesforce. You can set up alerts to ensure you surface the most urgent content first – and then post responses in near real-time. Plus, because all of your reviews and Q&A are in one place, you can holistically measure performance and identify opportunities for improvement. 

The Crown, anyone? 

Translation Studio: Communicate with Any Customer in Any Language – Without Getting a Ph.D. in Linguistics 

As eCommerce continues to grow, it’s becoming more common for brands to interact with consumers who speak different languages. When this happens, consumers have lofty expectations. 

A recent survey found that 83% of consumers expect a brand in a different country with a different native language to be able to interact with them in their preferred language at least sometimes. 89% have this expectation when interacting with a brand in the same country with a different native language.

native language communication
Source: 1440 Language Preferences Survey

Consumers Expect Native Language Communication 

  • 83% of consumers expect a brand in a different country with a different native language to be able to interact with them in their preferred language at least sometimes.
  • 89% have this expectation when interacting with a brand in the same country, but with a different preferred language. 

Consumers expect native language communication across channels. And they aren’t willing to wait around for it. The same survey found that many consumers expect real-time native language communication across many channels. 

Meeting these expectations is tough. You could hire multilingual customer care representatives or outsource your translation needs to a translation service. Or, you could copy and paste customer interactions into a translation engine like Google Translate. But none of these options is ideal. At worst, they’re costly. And at best, they’re extremely time-consuming – leaving you little room to do much else. 

But not with Translation Studio.

Translation Studio from 1440 allows you to translate any object in Salesforce in real time. That means you can easily, quickly and accurately translate interactions via your customer’s favorite communication channels – including live chat, digital assistants, emails, and more. Your customers get the native language communication they expect – and you get time back in your day to pick up a new hobby (learning a new language perhaps?). 

Messaging Studio: Interact with Your Customers Through Their Preferred Channels – Without Running Yourself Ragged

Consumers depend on messaging apps on their phones to keep in touch with family and friends near and far. According to Statista, nearly 91% of worldwide internet users use chat or messaging apps. 

Increasingly, consumers want to use these same channels to connect with brands. Take a look at the graphic below to get an idea of the percentage of consumers who are currently using – or open to using – various messaging channels to communicate with brands.

consumer interaction expctation
Source: Salesforce State of the Connected Consumer Fifth Edition

Brands must be equipped to engage with consumers across their preferred channels. But it’s tough to support so many channels when each is managed on a separate platform. What’s more, it can seem nearly impossible to engage with consumers quickly, when that’s what they expect. According to Salesforce research, 83% of consumers expect to interact with someone immediately when they contact a company

Does engaging with customers via messaging channels mean you have to spend your entire holiday break knee-deep in a dozen different messaging platforms? Not anymore!

Messaging Studio allows brands to engage with customers via their preferred messaging channels – all within Salesforce. That means brands can meet customers where they are – without spending the entire day doing so.

Commerce Studio: Deliver Seamless Experiences – and Still Make it Home for Dinner

You know those linear purchase journey graphics that are common in marketing textbooks and on the internet? They’re not exactly accurate. The purchase journey is rarely linear. Instead, it’s full of twists and turns – and often, multiple channels. Per Salesforce research found that 78% of customers have used multiple channels to start and complete a transaction.

multiple channels transactions
Source: Salesforce State of the Connected Customers Fifth Edition 

78% of customers have used multiple channels to start and complete a transaction.

Yet, shoppers expect seamless ordering and return experiences – regardless of the channel (or channels) they’re using to shop for your products.

The thing is, managing orders and returns is tricky and time-consuming – especially for brands that sell through multiple channels. And when things go south – for example, if you oversell a product – you risk losing even your most loyal customers. 

Does effectively managing orders and returns across platforms doom you to be late for dinner every single day? Not anymore.

With Commerce Studio from 1440, brands can manage multichannel orders and returns – all within Salesforce. Your customers get great ordering and return experiences – and you get your evenings back.

Shipping Studio: Meet Your Delivery Promises – Without Missing Your Daughter’s Dance Recital

Consumers have high expectations for shipping (thanks, Amazon). We’re talking really high.

Shippo research found that a third of consumers will only make a purchase online if they get free shipping, and 20% will switch to a different store to avoid paying for shipping. In addition, according to an article from Retail Dive, 62% of consumers expect free shipping orders to arrive within three business days.

free shipping big factor
Source: Shippo 2022 ECommerce and Shipping Benchmarks

A third of consumers will only make a purchase online if they get free shipping.

In a competitive marketplace, it’s key to meet these expectations. But it isn’t always easy – or cost-effective. In the past, brands had to manually key customer details into myriad shipping platforms – and then choose the most cost-effective option that still got the package to the customer by the promised date. In fact, you might spend so much time taking this approach that you completely miss something important – like your daughter’s dance recital.

Not if you use Shipping Studio from 1440

With Shipping Studio, you only key in your customer’s details once to unlock a list of rates across all carriers for which you have negotiated rates. Then, you just have to choose the rate that fits your budget and timing, print the shipping label, and be on your way. And it’s all done on Salesforce. Your customer gets their package on time – and you make it on time to that dance recital.

Start Saving Time with 1440

Delivering great experiences throughout the customer lifecycle is essential. But it takes time. 

We get it – you don’t have a lot of time to spare. Here at 1440, we’re laser-focused on creating solutions that help you maximize every single minute of the day – all 1,440 of them. 

With our suite of solutions, you can deliver great experiences your customers expect – while saving time you can use on the people and things that matter most.

Ready to see our solutions in action? Contact us today.