Multi-Channel Review Management Salesforce

When it comes to reviews, you might have a preferred channel (say, reviews posted and managed on your own website). But today’s consumers have choices. They can write and read reviews on a plethora of sites depending on the industry vertical. So while hosting reviews on your own dot com is great—especially as brands push for more Direct to Consumer (DTC) business—not all shoppers will fit neatly into that mold.

What Do We Mean by Multi-Channel Reviews?

Some businesses may only have a review management play on local business review sites like Yelp and Google My Business. For others, they may be looking at managing reviews on each one of these categories. For example, a brand like Reebok has products on their own website, third-party channels, local stores, social media, an app as well as company and employee reviews to tend to.

Review Platforms

These are the UGC services that DTC-focused businesses’ dreams are made of. Review platforms like Bazaarvoice, TurnTo, Yotpo and PowerReviews power reviews right on your website and connect to a network of other marketplaces and channels.

Online Marketplaces

Although DTC is the dream and many brands such as Nike are pulling away from online marketplaces, they still make up the lion’s share of eCommerce spending. According to eMarketer, Amazon’s U.S. sales amount to 39.8% of total eCommerce sales, with Walmart in second place at 6.7%. They are also powerful forces for consumers when it comes to reviews. Brands can’t ignore this segment of the review market.

Local Business Review Sites

For brick and mortar businesses, local business review sites like Yelp, Google My Business, Open Table and Trip Advisor are key to winning customer patronage.

Company & Social Reviews

General company reviews on sites like Facebook, Sitejabber, Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot and Google My Business can help lend credibility to a company’s reputation.

App Store Reviews

The major players in apps, of course, are from the big smartphone providers: Apple App Store and Google Play. But reviews also take place on niche app stores like Amazon App Store and Salesforce AppExchange.

Employer Reviews

Services like Glassdoor and Indeed help businesses attract top talent, which brings their brand and service full-circle to providing a great experience for customers. Reviews on these sites cannot be left out of the bigger review management equation.

What Boxes Need to be Checked to Manage Reviews?

The days of letting reviews happen behind the scenes are long gone. Today’s review management takes a coordinated effort across many sites, channels and teams.

☑ Help you get more reviews
☑ Consolidate reviews from many channels
☑ Customer Questions
☑ Real-time alerts
☑ Keyword filters and tagging
☑ Ability to respond to reviews and questions
☑ Personalizable response templates
☑ Response approvals by management
☑ Track response times
☑ Case reporting
☑ Cross-channel product mapping
☑ Sentiment and intent-based text analysis
☑ Competitor benchmarking
☑ Variety of reports for performance analysis

Keeping All of This Straight Used to Require a Swivel Chair

multi-channel review management

Logging into all of these different platforms and channels, coordinating tasks with your team and ensuring you are taking care of your customer can be a full-time job. Or at least, it was. Reputation Studio by 1440 helps brands consolidate and coordinate multi-channel review management from right within Salesforce.

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